EVEX Group:
more than just name

Located in Repentigny, in Lanaudière, the Evex Group specializes in the development, construction, and management of real estate projects in Quebec, primarily in the greater Montreal area and the North Shore. With sixty-five experienced employees, who share a passion for real estate, the team brings together dozens of complementary skills and professions to help it stand out at every stage of a real estate project—from prospecting for opportunities to design, construction, and management.




Our motto:
how we define ourselves.

real estate agents


With a group of forward-looking, passionate people who are always striving to do better, together.

With experienced professionals who come together to offer flawless service.

With a diverse group of renters—families, couples, men, and women—all brought together in our living spaces.



Lasting, quality business relationships with our employees, partners, tenants, and suppliers.
Real estate projects with high standards that aim to create value at every stage of the project, both in design and management.



Innovate and encourage teams to constantly do better.
Take your real estate investments to the next level.
Build meaningful, fulfilling spaces for all who live there.

Our vision:
a source of motivation.

Our goal is to take our place among Quebec’s top real estate developers and to continue to stand out through the quality of our team, our business relationships, and our real estate projects and their management.

Stand out.

Strive to be one of the best.

real estate project management

Our values: what matters most.


To become and remain a top real estate developer, you have to strive for excellence and surround yourself with the best. The Evex Group does everything in its power to achieve its objectives and yours, whether you’re looking to build a quality building, manage one confidently, establish a value-added partnership, or simply enjoy your dream apartment.


Commitment is at the heart of our values, and it drives our passionate team. We are committed to our employees’ development, our partners’ success, and our tenants’ and suppliers’ well-being.


Trust and integrity are a key part of our identity. We value a personalized approach and quality business relationships based on honesty and transparency with our employees, suppliers, tenants, and real estate investors alike.

social commitment.

Our commitment is reflected in our strong involvement—and that of our employees—in various social and environmental causes. On top of donating to charities and getting involved with foundations and boards, we also care deeply about choosing local suppliers for our social activities and actions. All of these initiatives aim to create a positive impact in the communities in which we build while minimizing our environmental footprint.

Our team, exceptional people at heart

Our team:
exceptional people at heart.

The Evex Group is proud and grateful to bring together over several dozen exceptional professionals under one roof. We are a group of talented, respectful, and caring people.