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the strength of
a comprehensive approach.

Evex Group brings together dozens of complementary skills and professions, and excels at every stage of a real estate project—from prospecting for opportunities to design, construction, and management. Our comprehensive approach to real estate promotes close and seamless relationships.

Prospection The methodical exploration of a place to find something or someone: for us, that means prospecting for land to find interesting places to build exceptional rental condos. 01 Development The act of progressing, growing, becoming more important: for us, that means taking action to produce quality real estate projects that have been researched and thought out to ensure they are viable.
Construction The act of using a plan to assemble the various parts of an architectural work, to build it, to construct it: for us, that means making the projects we’ve prospected and developed come to life. 03 Management The act or way of managing, directing, leading, or organizing something: for us, that means managing the rental and maintenance of our completed buildings. 04
Our team, exceptional people at heart

Our team:
exceptional people at heart.

The Evex Group is proud and grateful to bring together over 80 exceptional professionals under one roof. We are a group of talented, respectful, and caring people.